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We are the first mainstream global film company catering to the Muslim lifestyle, sharing our own

narratives, and encouraging diversity and inclusion in film. The next best thing in entertainment is HERE


Halalywood Entertainment, a halal entertainment movie production company that has quickly rose to become a global brand.  With film festival features in various countries including Cannes Film Festival-France, The Gothenburg Film Festival-Sweden, Muslim Fest- Canada, and international tours in the UK, Australia, Trinidad, and South Africa. Crowds of 150-1500 have flocked to enjoy the Halalywood movie premiere experience. This excitement has overflowed into mainstream media with Muslim and Non-Muslim markets in print, television, and radio, covering the pioneer of the halal entertainment boom. Al-Jazeera, NBC, CBS, Global Edmonton, and the Huffington Post, to name a few.  

Halalywood Entertainment, strives to work with the best in Hollywood to produce quality productions.  Our team includes award-winning actors, producers, designers, editors and writers.

We are re-introducing the world to the 1.7 billion Muslims on this planet that exists in all walks of life.



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