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Director:  Omar Regan

Release Date:  2015



American Sharia synopsis :
This fast-paced, action-packed comedy is groundbreaking, never seen before, and starring some of the world's most leading Muslim entertainers.

Tensions flare in the Motor City, as Officer Richardson (
Eric Roberts),  profiles every Muslim he sees, as a terrorist. He goes on an arrest “frenzy”, which make the community activists, Jihad and Osama (Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar of TrueStoryASA) take to the streets and rally the people to stand up for their rights.  The Chief of Police, Adam Carswell (Joshua Salaam) aims to gain the trust of the Muslim community in order to get re-elected.  However,  Attorney Leila Rodriguez (Yaz the Spaz) is standing in the way with a discrimination law suit against Officer Richardson and the Motor City Police Department.

The Chief calls on his most unreliable detective, Mohammed (
Omar Regan) and partners him with a Middle Eastern, Sharia Law fanatic, Detective Abdul (Baba Ali). The Chief wants them to "Speak Muslim to the Muslims", but complications ensue in his plan for re-election.




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